Sourcing the world’s finest gemstones and diamonds to create the finest custom jewellery

Tarun-Profile-Pic-WPHi, my name is Tarun Gupta A.J.P, G.G. (GIA).  I have been serving the Bangkok gemstone trade for the last ten years educating, searching and sourcing the world’s finest gemstones, diamonds and create custom jewelry for people in Bangkok and beyond.

My Grandfather started the gemstones wholesale business in the 1950s and was the “undisputed source provider” to most dealers for 20 years from the 1960s to 1980s.  You can learn more about our company’s history at our History page.   Before entering the family business, I decided to learn more about my subject matter – gemstones and diamonds – and went for the GIA Graduate Gemologist Program and earned my degree.

The process in buying gemstones can be very tedious, troublesome and at times very annoying.  It does take a lot of time visiting rough mines, company offices, retail stores or gemstone fairs.  Also the actual process in selecting, choosing and negotiating the correct gemstone can also take a toll and be very stressful.  But, if you love gemstones, it is the greatest pleasure in finding that right gemstone which can only be yours!

However, I have learnt from going through this process many times that there are many people or companies willing to cheat, deceive, and manipulate just to make sure they can make a sale to you.  Only a handful of companies have the correct principals in place and understand how important it is to build customer trust through integrity and honesty.  I truly believe the only way to fight this negative trend is by educating you in how to find the correct company, correct gemstones, and to ask the correct questions.  I do hope my blog serves this purpose.

If you want to send me a personal message you can email me at tarun@thainativegems.com

You can verify my Graduate Gemologist Diploma credentials on GIA Alumni Directory website link: http://www.gia.edu/gia-alumni-directory (Just type my name: Tarun Gupta, City: Bangkok, Country: Thailand)


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I invest in good gems if the price is right …
    I have a passion too for gems …
    I hope to visit Bangkok soon
    Do let me know if I could avail of ur expertise in finding what I want

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